Canada Post releases stamps spotlighting endangered frogs

Canada Post has released new stamps that spotlight two endangered frog species native to the country.

The stamps highlight the Oregon spotted frog and Fowler’s toad, both listed as endangered in Canada due to factors like habitat loss from human activities, invasive species, and pollution.

Fowler’s toads, scientifically known as Anaxyrus fowleri, are found exclusively along the north shore of Lake Erie in Ont., particularly favoring sandy beaches and dunes. These mainly nocturnal creatures also inhabit various parts of the eastern United States. Adult Fowler’s toads typically measure between five to over eight centimetres in length and breed in shallow ponds, pools, and marshes. They have a gray to buff-colored appearance with small dark spots and warts on their backs, accompanied by a white or cream-colored underside.

With 6,000 First-Day Covers printed, they feature a Port Rowan, Ont., cancel.

On the other hand, Oregon spotted frogs, scientifically termed Rana pretiosa, exclusively inhabit British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. Although their population has disappeared in California, they can still be found in Oregon and parts of Washington state. Notably, their hind feet exhibit webbing that extends to the tips of their toes, enabling efficient swimming. Unlike most frog species, their eyes are positioned upward, allowing them to remain almost entirely submerged while still observing above the waterline. Adult Oregon spotted frogs typically showcase brown or reddish-brown hues with light-centered black spots adorning their heads, backs, sides, and legs.

Designed by Jocelyne Saulnier of Joce Creative and illustrated by Emily S. Damstra, these stamps are printed by Lowe-Martin. The stamp release includes 250,000 booklets of 10 Permanent domestic rate stamps, 6,000 Official First Day Covers, and 40,000 souvenir sheets.

The first-day covers are have a postmark cancel of Port Rowan, Ont.,, situated near the habitat of Fowler’s toads. Additionally, the souvenir sheet features an Oregon spotted frog emerging from the water’s surface as its background image.

The new stamps are available at or at postal outlets across Canada.

The back off the Official First Day Cover.

Canada Post has printed 40,000 souvenir sheets featuring the endangered frogs.


Product    Denomination Size Quantity Printing process Price
Booklet of 10 stamps 2 x Permanent™ (domestic rate) 40 mm x 36 mm 250,000 Lithography in 5 colours $9.20
Official First Day Cover 2 x Permanent™ (domestic rate) 190 mm x 112 mm 6,000 $2.84
Souvenir Sheet 2 x Permanent™ (domestic rate) 101 mm x 114 mm 40,000 $1.84

Design: Jocelyne Saulnier | Joce Creative

Illustration: Emily S. Damstra

Printing: Lowe-Martin



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