My philatelic heroes

Stamp collecting has a bit of a dull reputation. We all know that is true, in fact I’m not even embarrassed when my friends roll their eyes when I talk about how excited I was to discover that a third two cent large queen existed on laid paper. Anyone who thinks stamp collecting is a... Continue reading →

Canadian postal records thrive online

The Canadian Museum of History can take users to the postal archives, a highly detailed online collection of this country’s stamps.

For years, one of the best-kept secrets of Canadian postal history was the Canadian Postal Museum. Tucked away in a back corner of the top floor of the Museum of Civilization, in Gatineau, across the river from Ottawa, the museum contained a collection of one of every Canadian stamp, and galleries covering the history of... Continue reading →

Workers on stamps tell story of Canada’s evolution

The anniversary of Canada’s second-largest postal union was commemorated in 2002. It is the only workers union to be given specific recognition on a Canadian postage stamp.

As Canadians prepare for Labour Day weekend, few people remember it was originally set up to honour unionized workers and had its origin in strife. The first labour parade in Canada was held in 1872 to rally behind a strike by the Toronto Printer’s Union in support of a nine-hour work day. For years, it... Continue reading →

The constancy of the stamp collector

For many years and for many collectors, the hobby has been a solitary pursuit—a trend that's expected to continue into the future.

I have often written about the impact of the Internet on stamp collecting, how modern collectors have access to information and stamps at the touch of a keyboard. Those changes are very real, and they do have an impact on organized collecting and stamp shows, but in another way it is a case of the... Continue reading →

A very different five-point plan

Columnist Bret Evans explores his own five-point plan amid the ongoing review of Canada Post.

I'm a bit concerned that our ongoing postal review will completely ignore the wants and needs of the stamp collecting community. It stands to reason, Canada Post is a huge organization handling literally millions of pieces of mail every single day. There is no doubt that while mail volumes are dropping, the philatelic market remains... Continue reading →

What does the postal review really mean?

Columnist Bret Evans explores the forthcoming review of Canada Post by the current Liberal Government.

The decision to hold an third-party review of Canada Post is probably the first really good idea about postal transformation in a long time. From the perspective of Canadian philatelists, this is a fascinating period of postal reform, with the way our mail is routed, processed and handled at the core, along with rate structures... Continue reading →

Reports of our death highly exaggerated

It’s hard to find anyone involved in stamp collecting who doesn’t seem to think the hobby is dying on the vine. I have been hearing it for more than 20 years, and it has been repeated so often that it has taken on the status of an uncontested fact. Of course, the naysayers are quick... Continue reading →

‘Hodge-podge’ of stories at the root of my collection

Columnist Bret Evans said he has a fondness for commemorative covers, such as the one pictured above.

I have to admit to having a fondness for special event and commemorative covers. Admittedly, that is a pretty broad field, since it covers everything from home grown commemoratives all the way to the official commemorative envelopes coming out of Canada Post. In fact the latter, while often ignored, deserve more attention than they get.... Continue reading →

From prig to bohemian in just five short decades

I have a confession to make. I used to be a stamp prig. That's because deep inside I'm a bit of a traditionalist. Growing up with the mail was royal, complete with the national coat of arms, posties wore military-style uniforms, and stamps from the government had the imprint “On Her Majesty's Service.” Stamps were... Continue reading →

Philately is a destination

I’m a big fan of collecting, but not a big fan of structure. For instance, when I look at stamp exhibits I’m more interested in the story than the details of the exhibit. I have to remind myself that judges look at more than just a good read, but have to take so much more... Continue reading →

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