Volume 39 – #14

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Volume 39#14

November 4 – November 17, 2014

One of just a few plate blocks of four inverted Jenny stamps has become the second-most valuable philatelic item in the world.

Jenny sale sets new philatelic record

Donald J. Sundman, of Mystic Stamp Company in Camden, New York, has reported the sale of a plate block of the famous Jenny invert 24-cent airmail stamp (Scott #C3a) for more than $4.8 million, a record price for a U.S. philatelic item. The sale took place by private treaty, with the purchaser requesting anonymity. “At the request of the purchaser, the exact price is not being disclosed; only that it was north of $4.8 million US. This Inverted Jenny plate block sale is a record price for any U.S. philatelic item and the second highest price in the world ever paid for any philatelic item,” said Sundman. The highest price is $9.48 million US paid for the British Guiana one-cent magenta in a New York City sale this summer. Continue reading →

Former Kimmerly associate opens Ottawa stamp store
Page 1
Canada Post drops puck on round two of NHL stamps
Page 12
Interesting history behind the Royal collection
Page 16

CSN Marketplacae
Are you buying or selling?
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Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
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A new complexity for stamp collectors

I remember the days when stamp collecting was simple, well sort of simple. By that I mean that the hobby has always had a technical side. I’m pretty sure that even in the days of Rowland Hill, inventor of postal services and stamps as we know them today, some of the very first collectors were revelling in the fine nuances of stamp and paper production. However, collectors have always been able to sort of pick and choose with much detail what they wanted. Back in the days when I was soaking stamps off world mixtures and sticking them in my dime-store album, most stamps were definitive and neither rates nor designs changed that often. Today things have certainly changed.

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By Bret Evans
Ian Robertson
Looking Back
Canadian fine art adorns 1989 Christmas stamps
Page 6
Gary Dickinson
First-Day Covers
Famous Franklin Canada’s first postmaster general
Page 8

Randy Heimpel
Websites can help inspire young collectors
Page 17
Robin Harris
New Issues
From Around The World
Page 19

Chad Neighbor
Commonwealth Communiqué
Australia’s venture into non-denominated stamps controversia
Page 22
Ian Robertson
News Bites
CF-18 fighters take flight in Canadian deployment
Page 26

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