Volume 37 – #25

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Volume 37#25

April 8 – April 22, 2013

Join the British Empire Study Group on June 13 at 6 p.m. ET for “Censorship in the Solomons 1939 – 1945” with Ian Kimmerly.

Regiment among war heroes honoured on new Canadian stamps

April 9 will see the launch of a stamp honouring the Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment (PWOR), based in Kingston, Ont. The regiment was formed in 1863, during a great Canadian militia reorganization, from seven previously independent companies. The regiment was first deployed in 1866, when it was called out first to the Niagara area, and later to Cornwall, Ont., to deter Fenian raids. In 1870 members participated in the federal expedition to Manitoba and later in 1885 the regiment served in the North West Rebellion. Continue reading →

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The deets in Details target a very specific audience

Here in the hobby we are pretty well informed and have the chance to look at the whole program. Most Canadians only see a small part of the picture. Later this year, in the town where I live, there will be some events to honour Laura Secord. It makes sense since I live just a short walk from the place where she met with the native warriors and British soldiers, and even closer to the site of the battle that followed. There is a good chance that the stamp showing Secord will get some play. I know if I ran the local post office I’d be selling special covers and cancels whenever I got the chance.

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By Bret Evans
Carolyn Mullin
News Bites
Pope Benedict XVI first to abdicate in 400 years
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Carolyn Mullin
Philatelic Bookshelf
Author shares encyclopedic knowledge on early transatlant...
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Carolyn Mullin
Helping hand reveals patriotic and pseudo-postcards
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Carolyn Mullin
Looking Back
An admirable single issue for 1913
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Carolyn Mullin
Focus On Collecting
Spring into birdwatching this season
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New Issues
From around the world
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Carolyn Mullin
Philatelic Profile
Photographer turns shots into stamp art
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