Volume 45 – #22

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Volume 45#22

February 16 – March 1, 2021

Before Toronto’s Greene Foundation acquired its VSC6000 in 2014, philatelic expertizing was more of a ‘touchy-feely’ process, according to Garfield Portch, the group’s president and chair.

Experts recommend ‘refreshing’ old certificates

When it comes to high-quality classic, rare or often-forged material, whether it’s a stamp, a postmark or a cover, collectors are almost always told to have an expert certify it. But did you know depending on the material in question, experts often recommend “refreshing” certificates pre-dating the use of forensic analysis? The decision ultimately comes down to the material in question and the owner’s motivation for seeking additional certification, said Garfield Portch, the president and chair of Toronto’s Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation. “With the advance in technology, I really think that any certificate done before the discovery of the VSC6000 should be re-looked at,” added Portch, who’s also a long-time member of the Greene Foundation’s expert committee, which issued nearly 990 certificates last year, even with the pandemic hampering the experts’ ability to meet in person. Continue reading →

Range of mail routes serviced Maritime colonies, U.S.
Page 1
One of three two-cent Large Queens on laid brings $345K in private sale
Page 1

CSN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 20
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 23
Jesse Robitaille
Philatelic Commentary
Virtual RPSC seminars boost Canada’s visibility
Page 4
Ian Robertson
Looking Back
Antique musical instrument on first 1981 stamp
Page 6

Everett Parker
Philatelic Journals
Second World War gave polar philately more conflict mail
Page 8
Gary Dickinson
First-Day Covers
Four prominent FDC makers started in late 1940s
Page 10

Ian Robertson
Stamping Grounds
Place names make for fun postal history – some are even unus
Page 14
Randy Heimpel
ISWSC website offers members free stamps for kids
Page 16

Robin Harris
New Issues
From around the world
Page 18

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