Volume 43 – #15

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Volume 43#19

November 13 – November 26, 2018

A registered cover mailed to Tonsberg, Norway, in July 1875 is one of only three examples still in existence after being mailed to continental Europe prior to the Universal Postal Union’s establishment. Described as ‘the best Small Queen cover,’ it’s expected to bring $25,000 at auction.

$25K expected for ‘best Small Queen cover’

What’s widely regarded by experts as the greatest, most important Small Queen cover is expected to bring $25,000 during a general sale hosted by New Brunswick’s Eastern Auctions this November. Offered as Lot 887 of the Nov. 9-10 sale, this “phenomenal” registered cover was mailed to Tonsberg, Norway, in July 1875. It includes a se-tenant pair along with a single 10-cent pale milky rose lilac Small Queen from the Montreal printings. The single is tied by a “superb” straight-line “REGISTERED” hand stamp, and the pair is tied by three strikes of a Halifax split-ring dispatch circular date stamp (CDS). The cover also displays an oval registered “7 AU 75” London transit stamp in red as well as red crayon accountancy marks. Continue reading →

Expensive rates, confusing routes spell need for change
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Armistice stamp issued
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Wide range of exhibits at Canpex ‘marvellous’
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CSN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
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Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
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Ian Robertson
Looking Back
Stamp honours two heroes of War of 1812
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David Piercey
Philatelic Bookshelf
Third fancy cancels handbook eagerly awaited
Page 8

Ian Robertson
Stamping Grounds
‘C’ countries offer wide variety of subjects, locales
Page 14
Robin Harris
New Issues
From around the world
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