Volume 37 – #14

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Volume 37#14

November 6 – November 19, 2012

Elisapie at the unveiling stamp ceremony on June 13. (Photo provided by Canada Post)

Canada Post to play a tune for jazz-man Oliver Jones

One of next year’s Black History stamps has already been announced, a stamp honouring 78-year-old jazz great Oliver Jones. The Montreal-born musician grew up just a few doors down from Oscar Peterson, and at one time studied piano under Daisy Peterson Sweeney, the performer’s sister. Jones was a child prodigy who started playing songs by memory at the age of three, and first performed at the age of five at Union United Church in Montreal. Continue reading →

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Are you buying or selling?
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Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
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War of 1812 myths persist

While I write this, the government’s events to mark the War of 1812 are kicking into high gear. This fall marks a few key events: the captures of Fort Mackinaw and Detroit by Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, and the repulsion of an American invasion at the Battle of Queenston Heights. Of course the war wasn’t over in just two months. Most operations were confined to Upper Canada; essentially modern-day Ontario. In a series of campaigns fought mostly during the summer months, Britain and America battled for control of Canada. Today, the war is 200 years into the past, and both sides claim victory. As funny as it sounds, that may even be true. The war ended, not with a total victory on one side, but with a treaty.

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By Bret Evans
Carolyn Mullin
Philatelic Bookshelf
Exhibit series’ new entries take aim at unusual subjects
Page 6
Carolyn Mullin
Focus On Collecting
Bluenose leads fleet of stamps celebrating Nova Scotia
Page 8

Carolyn Mullin
Looking Back
Chris Hadfield: singer, skier, rider – and spaceman
Page 10
Carolyn Mullin
Off The Beaten Track
Postal blotters and their art absorb collectors
Page 12

Carolyn Mullin
Stamping Grounds
Scrapped Avro Arrow may yet take flight
Page 16
Carolyn Mullin
Commonwealth Communique
Draw of Paralympic overnight stamps not as strong
Page 18

Carolyn Mullin
New Issues
From around the world
Page 19
Carolyn Mullin
St. Hubert airport postcards show several ‘firsts’
Page 22

Carolyn Mullin
Philatelic Profile
Errors club tracks the stamps that made it through
Page 26

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