Volume 49 – #06

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Volume 49#06

July 2 – July 15, 2024

Genuine (left), 2021 counterfeit, 2024 counterfeit ‘P’ coil stamps.

More counterfeits of modern Canadian stamps emerge

It seems the flood of counterfeit postage stamps that keeps showing up in certain countries has finally, and again, impacted Canadian postage stamps.  While Canadian stamps have been counterfeited a number of times in the 2000’s, these have mostly been first-class (‘P’) values in booklets of 10. In approximately 2021, two counterfeits were found from the 2020 Far and Wide coil series (‘P’ and $1.30 / #3212-6, #3217), produced in China. They were relatively crude in terms of production quality, and readily discernible as fakes. In January, 2024, several new counterfeits showed up on several major retail and auction websites that, among other items, also offer stamps from private sellers. The new counterfeits vary in face value and are all once again being produced in China to defraud Canada Post (sold at significant discounts off face value). Continue reading →

Trio opens up auction house in Victoria
Page 1
R. Maresch & Son celebrates its centennial with June sale
Page 1
Indigenous stamp series honours three more leaders
Page 4

CSN Marketplace
Are you buying or selling?
Page 20
Show & Bourse
Check out the shows in your area
Page 23
Ian Robertson
Looking Back
Canadian country music artists took stamp stage 10 years ago
Page 6
Mike Smith
Looking back after 200 articles
Page 8

Chad Neighbor
Commonwealth Communiqué
Isle of Man Post Office takes over distribution of island
Page 10
Diana Revelins
Stamp Talks/Panels
Expertizers use knowledge, research and tech in effort to ke
Page 11

Ian Robertson
Stamping Grounds
Imitation stamps sometimes more valuable than the real thin
Page 14
Randy Heimpel
Web offers many venues from which to swap stamps
Page 16

Robin Harris
New Issues
From around the world
Page 18

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