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    By submitting your post in a Canadian Coin News and or Canadian Stamp News forum, you are hereby authorizing the website to publish content. The company will not be held responsible for the content posted to any forum page. All participants in the forums accept all liabilities for comments posted.
    As a news organization, we choose to only report the news and allow the reader to form their own opinion. Since we do want you to give your opinion, we give a lot of leeway to readers who choose to criticize or find fault with our reports. Please know that we do draw the line in these ways:
    1. Posts are not ensured anonymity. You are responsible for what you post. Assume that your identity can be discovered even if you withhold your name.
    2. No profanity. No obscenity. No asterisks or slang that takes the place of objectionable words.
    3. No name calling, insults or libelous accusations. We don’t like to see words like “idiot”, “moron” or “fascist.” We will be tolerant (to an extent) of criticisms of public officials, but we will delete comments attacking other forum members. Personal attacks on our staff will not be tolerated. Ethnic, racial, religious or sexual slurs will be subject to deletion.
    4. Stay on point. Comments that stray from the topic may be bounced. And we tend to set the bar even higher when we have a huge flow on a certain subject and some of the sentiments seem repetitive. Try not to dominate the conversation so that other people have the opportunity to express their opinions even if they disagree with yours.
    5. Do not post press releases. Send them to news@Trajan.ca
    6. Don’t rage and don’t SHOUT. UPPERCASE comments are less effective in getting your points across. We prefer a more tempered conversation. We show respect, we expect you to do the same.
    7. Please do not use a false identity or represent yourself as someone or something you’re not.
    8. If your comments don’t meet the guidelines for posting, we may at least forward them to a reporter whenever we deem the information worthy of further investigation.
    9. Advertisements are not tolerated. If you want to post a comment about a business, go to the contact site.
    10. We may alter these policies some time in the future.
    11. Trajan Publishing Corporation reserves the right to block or filter the ability to post comments or to block or filter abusers of these policies if need be. We may choose to terminate the blog thread if the commenting has become redundant or too abusive of these policies.
    12. Additionally, commenting via the Facebook system is governed by Facebook’s community standards, its applicable terms of service and social graph. If you feel a comment violates those community standards, use the Mark as Spam button to remove it from your view, which will also bring up a link to optionally file an abuse report if warranted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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