Canada’s mail ship is listing dangerously

Sometimes, I have to admire Deepak Chopra’s decision to take the helm of Canada Post. With all respect to Moya Greene, what he took over was a sinking ship with a striking crew. Still above water to be sure, but taking on water. The real challenge remains the corporation’s difficult relations with its staff. To... Continue reading →

Canada’s stamp-collecting magazine goes digital

While the digital version will be pretty much the same as the print version, except for hot links inside ads and editorial content, I do believe that electronic content offers a much better experience for the reader. I’m not talking about gimmicks, such as virtual reality games that almost nobody plays. I see opportunities for... Continue reading →

Bidding at big-time sales will be telling

All of this means that trying to predict the stamp market is a bit of a guessing game. A year ago it seemed as if the top end of the market had entered hibernation and most rarities would be off the market for some time while owners waited for a better time to sell. More... Continue reading →

Mailman’s role minimized in the global village

Now in spite of what my children may think, I was not alive 100 years ago. But, I am old enough to remember a time when mail was different, very different. For one thing, if someone wanted to read an out-of-town newspaper, chances are they had it delivered by mail. I remember my father receiving... Continue reading →

Winds of postal reform blowing harder than ever

The truth is that post office closures are going to become more and more common. As a business, Canada Post has a huge problem: not only is it losing money, but its core business of delivering mail to Canadians is in decline. At the same time, the number of addresses to be served is on... Continue reading →

Stamp reflects on darker aspect of Canada’s history

Politics aside, the story is significant to us today because it points out that this nation, a mere 100 years ago, was capable of institutionalized discrimination. It is part of our collective past, just as much as the battle against American invaders in 1812, the internment of Japanese-Canadians during the Second World War, the liberation... Continue reading →

Survival a priority, but what’s left to sell?

Like a once-great family now selling off family treasures to keep the wolf from the door, Canada Post will soon run out of real estate to unload. There are other post offices being closed, and a few million more to be made during the process, but I doubt that even this will be enough for... Continue reading →

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